Wall Panels

Large spaces such as cafeterias, gymnasiums become huge echo chambers when full of students. Adding Wall Panels helps to absorb excess noise and reduces the echo to acceptable levels.

Treble Acoustic Conditioning


Finally, a room can both sound great and look great. ASC has combined the science of sound absorption/diffusion with the art of printing and produced the PicturePanel. Huge image selection to choose from, or send us your own.

Treble Acoustic Conditioning

ASC SoundPlanks


Absorption and diffusion help to acoustically calm your classroom while maintaining brightness, enhance detail and improve intelligibility. Think of these as "speed bumps" for sound.

Treble Acoustic Conditioning


Controls wall reflections & flutter echoes with a voiced blend of absorption & diffusion. Each Panel comes with a bevel cut face and frame.

Treble Acoustic Conditioning

Coffered Ceiling

Controls room reflections when many people are trying to talk, yet maintains brightness. Increases clarity and lowers the overall volume. Can be customized to include wiring for a projector, speakers, lights, etc.

Treble Acoustic Conditioning

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