All ASC Products are Made in the USA

ASC is proud of the fact that everything we sell is made by us right in our own factory in Eugene, Oregon. In fact, even our raw materials are made in the USA or Canada by quality oriented companies that use the highest manuafacturing standards. When you buy an ASC product, you are getting the highest quality of workmanship available. After all, the best acoustic engineering deserves the best assembly. The only way we can do that is in our own factory.

Our technicians hand make each product, often to custom specifications. They are craftsmen who are near geniuses when it comes to the range of abilities they each posess. If a customer requests a special tweak, these are the unsung heroes who will do their best to get it done. If we don’t already offer a product to fit an acoustic need, we’ll tool up and make that product from scratch. Our 12,000 sq. ft. factory and fabrication crew goes to work, and builds an entire acoustic package. The end result is a “Room-on-a-Pallet”, shipped to the customer’s door.

Arthur Noxon, founder of Acoustic Sciences and inventor of the TubeTrap, is known worldwide as a leading expert in the field of high performance audio in small rooms. He is also known as one of the best acoustic engineers specializing in high-end audio applications.

Our Motto is Quality
ASC spares no expense to get the job done right, with the highest quality American Made materials. We’ve resisted the temptation to make our products in China or Mexico, because our quality standards would be more difficult to maintain. We do it right!

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