Acoustic Retrofit Classrooms
Picture Panel  

The ASC Retrofit FlatPanel

Classroom Acoustics Requirement:

Cost effective
Portable, easy to move
Not distracting
Custom sized
Adaptable to any classroom
Versatile mounting

Typical installation

The only place available in most classrooms is above the blackboard. However, more is better.

  Mounting methods

The FlatPanel can be flush-mounted or picture frame-mounted, angled downward.

How the FlatPanel works

The "hotspot" in any room is at the corners where the wall meets the ceiling or wall meets wall. These produce the most common acoustic flaws that can limit speech intelligibility.

(top view)

  1. Attenuation dampens teacher's vertical resonance and reduces front to back reflection path.
  2. Lateral sound from teacher is dampened.
  3. Early reflection is allowed.
  4. Attenuation on back wall dampens sound once it is heard by students.

(Side view)
  1. Side walls and ceiling are reflective - lots of reflective surfaces provide early reflections to improve strength of direct signal.
  2. Backward moving vertical sound dampened out by upper panels.

(Front view)
  1. Upward sound absorbed by panels.
  2. Downward sound absorbed by students and carpet.
Minimum System:
  1. Carpet reduces classroom desk noise.
  2. Panels to each side of teacher eliminates side to side storage of sound that blocks speech.
  3. Panels behind teacher control vertical resonance and dampen front to back reflections.
  4. Panels on back wall dampen back to front reflections.
  5. Lateral circulation of sound in classroom area is controlled by carpeted floor.
  6. Upper side walls left bare to enhance early reflections of teacher's voice.

(top view)

(Side view)

Simplified Acoustic Workup Proofsheet

  • Room volume: 30' x 20' x 11' = 6600 cu-ft
  • Room Constant: 330
  • Existing reverb time (RT60): 1.3 seconds
  • Existing absorption: 254 sabins
  • Desired RT60: 0.7 second
  • Desired absorption: 471 sabins
  • Additional absorption required: 471-254 = 217 sabins
  • Absorption provided by carpet: 20' x 20' x 0.25 = 100 sabins
  • Absorption provided by 20 FlatPanels: 6 x 20 = 120 sabins

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