High Intelligibility Classrooms

Acoustic Sciences has been contributing to the design and development of quality acoustics since 1984. We offer case by case acoustic design plan based on your needs, plus we manufacture the acoustic products we specify. ASC typically works with school planners and architects when designing an acoustic plan. When you purchase a package of ASC acoustic products, any design fee previously charged will be applied to your final bill. Our acoustic engineering department has handled all kinds of jobs, large and small. Bear in mind that beginning the acoustic engineering before construction will save considerable overall expense when compared to retrofitting existing facilities.

Whether you are building a new school or remodeling your existing space, ASC's in-depth acoustical design services will respond to your specific need for acoustical improvement. We can also start with a minimal acoustical plan, and design an upgrade path for you to work up to, as time and budget allows.

In most cases, the key to high intelligibility is reducing the RT-60 (reverberation) to an acceptable level. This reduces the need for PA systems and microphones for mid to small size spaces. Students who hear better will learn and retain more information.

ASC is able to custom design and manufacture products to meet your specific requirements. The customization can range from a slight modification of existing ASC products to a start-from-scratch innovation.

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