Broadband Sound Conditioning™
Your Complete Source for Total Classroom Intelligibility

ASC delivers the best acoustic products that span the entire sound spectrum, from less than 20Hz to over 20kHz. From low frequency soundproofing to treble diffusion, we've got your classroom covered.

Subwoofer delivers punch and thump from the LF track
which usually ends up shaking the whole house.

Woofers pump up the bass, while the room folds it right back, trading out dynamics for modes and standing waves.

Mids and Tweets polish the treble but most rooms are
too bright and quickly overflow with harsh backsplash.

Structural Damping:



Corner Bass Traps:




 Soffit System


Wall Panels:

 PCAD Panel





Because all these products are made by ASC, it's easy to get a seamless, integrated acoustic package that looks great and sounds even greater.

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