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-by Arthur M Noxon, PE, MSME, MS, President of ASC

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High Intelligibility Classrooms

The State of California, Department of Education requested input on the topic of Architectural Goals for Classroom Design in the 90's. Art Noxon, President and founder of ASC, responded and the content of his letter is contained in the following white paper. It took 11 more years before design criteria addressed in his comments were instituted by the government. The ADA act was amended in 2001 to include the right of people to be able to understand what is being said, including intelligibility minded acoustic parameters for new and remodel classroom projects.

Audiophile listening room helps to define classroom acoustics

Audiophiles and Recording Engineers Generated Advances in Small Room Intelligibility Classroom intelligibility is a specialized application in the field of general intelligibility. The subject of general intelligibility is examined by Art Noxon in this technical paper.

Auditorium Acoustics 101

Quieter is better when it comes to large spaces. Reducing acoustic noise, echoes and reverberation is key.

Auditorium Acoustics 102

Reflection control can make or break the acoustics in a large space.

Auditorium Acoustics 103

This article covers the basic principles of acoustic control measures typically used in a large space.

Auditorium Acoustics 104

Designing the auditorium with acoustics in mind, beyond ceiling tiles and carpeted walls.